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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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This project left me with so many little moments and memories that I’ll forever hold dear in my heart.

Alana Lacey , (USA)

||After my first magical experience, I thought that the second trip couldn||

Camille Viret, (Switzerland)

||My highlights? Taking part in wildlife conservation and the feeling that your work had a part to play in the aim of the expedition.||

Craig Daly, (Ireland)

||So...my point is ||asante sana|| to you and GVI, for the wicked experience, the fun and the inspiration. Hope to see you again one day!||

Emily Belton, (Denmark)

||It seemed so surreal; I couldn’t quite believe we were going to be living on a beach, relaxing on the hammocks under the palm trees, diving twice a day and seeing some amazing sea creatures.||

Florence Roberts, (United Kingdom)

||I feel like I gained so much from my time with GVI, I went to Kenya looking for something different and found it and I am now looking at jobs in international aid work and working with GVI inspired me to do this.||

Jessica Conway, (Australia)

||I go home with a heart full of unforgettable memories.||

Laurence Boulanger, (France)

||Can't say enough good things about the people that I met through the GVI program.||

Mason Walker, (Canada)

||When I entered the project I had a lot of expectations, and almost none of them were met as the way I thought they would be, it was much better!||

Mikaela Skoog, (Sweden)



Finding My Natural Habitat | Q&A With Leah Brown, South African Wildlife Project Base Manager

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'What's Your Plan A?' Q&A With GVI Founder, Richard Walton

20 years ago a young explorer with a passion for travel, culture and working with local communities, decided, along with a good friend, to take a group of about 20 volunteers on a marine expedition to Roatán island in Honduras. Today, GVI connects over 2500 volunteers a year with sustainable development projects all over the world. GVI’s founder, Richard Walton, sat down to share the story of that first expedition and how it came about. In the process, we found out a little more about the young man who would spark a global vision.

'It Takes A Village To Save The Planet' The Story of GVI CEO Steve Gwenin

Getting away from the icy waters of the Arctic and into the warm waters of the tropics was all Steve Gwenin, a young marine biologist, wanted. One online search opened the door to unique destinations he could never have imagined. What he found along the way was not only love and friendship but a shared sense of purpose that connects humanity as a whole.