Join our Virtual Open Day

Join our Virtual Open Day

Zoom call : 21 Oct 2023 | 10:00–12:30 EDT | 15:00–17:30 BST

Are you keen to embark on a conservation adventure abroad and make a real impact?

GVI’s next Virtual Open Day is your chance to get one step closer. Access life-changing opportunities, listen to impact experts, connect with other change-makers and ask all your burning questions.

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Zoom details

Zoom call : 21 Oct 2023 | 10:00–12:30 EDT | 15:00–17:30 BST

Imagine having an everlasting summer… It’s possible! You can follow the sun and travel to our research stations around the globe, have an unforgettable time and help to protect our beautiful planet.

GVI’s upcoming Virtual Open Day is your gateway to discovering the incredible opportunities. Whether you’re passionate about marine conservation, wildlife, climate change, biodiversity or endangered animals – there’s a program with your name on it.

During this free online event, you’ll get exclusive access to a wealth of information about our programs. Listen to captivating talks by our program and impact experts who are dedicating their lives to creating positive change. 

Discover the inspiring stories of GVI alumni and learn how they’ve made a lasting difference across the globe.

Plus, this is your chance to get answers to all your burning questions and gain invaluable insights into what it truly means to be a part of GVI’s global community.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore your potential and become an agent of change. Reserve your spot to unlock a world of adventure, personal growth and meaningful impact. 


This Virtual Open Day is for you if you want to:

  • Listen to inspiring stories from past participants as they share their personal experiences.
  • Learn about our community and conservation programs and internships in Costa Rica and Seychelles.
  • Discover the top benefits of doing either a virtual or in-person internship.
  • Learn more about our progressive teen expeditions and group programs.
  • Ask questions and get feedback from our staff, alumni and ambassadors.
  • Connect with passionate change-makers from all over the world.
  • Learn about how to make the most out of an internship.


You’ll also get exclusive access to a special GVI Open Day offer. If you make your booking and pay a deposit of £250/US$475 by midnight 23 October 2023 (EDT), you’ll qualify for an additional £100/US$190 off your booking. If you use this offer, you can also pay your program off in instalments at no extra cost (usually a fee of £125/US$250 applies). This special offer may not be applied to any bookings made prior to the Virtual Open Day.

Take the first step on the journey of a lifetime. Sign up for our Open Day. (Limited spots – first come, first served).

Schedule of events



GVI programs overview

15 minutes



GVI internships: how to make an impact in-person

20 minutes



Making an impact in Cap Ternay, Seychelles

20 minutes



Making an impact in Kekoldi, Costa Rica

20 minutes



GVI alumni volunteering experience

10 minutes



GVI U18 & groups programs

15 minutes



GVI virtual internships: how to make an impact remotely

20 minutes



Why GVI?

20 minutes

Whilst places are free, spaces are limited and must be pre-booked on a first come, first served basis.

The GVI Open Day takes place over Zoom, and a link will be sent to you via email and text message the day before the event. 

No Zoom account is needed and in the event that you would like to download Zoom, the free version is perfectly suitable. 

If you are a first-time Zoom user, don’t sweat, it’s easy to use. Please note that GVI presenters and other attendees will not be able to see you via video or hear you via sound. You are welcome to engage with us and each other by typing in the chat box and ask the presenter questions in real-time via the Q&A box, which will then be answered live.

Get acquainted with your open day presenters

Vanessa (she/her)

Senior Program Manager, GVI Thailand

In 2017, Vanessa joined GVI as  teaching volunteer in India. After 2 months, she  joined the staff team! She is responsible for the smooth runnin ...

Maria (She/Her)

Ambassador and Outreach Coordinator, GVI Central Support

Maria is the GVI Ambassador and Outreach Coordinator. She studied marine biology and oceanography, and is passionate about the ocean and all it h ...

Dave (he/him)

Program Manager, Mahe

Dave is our Program Manager in Mahe, Seychelles. He’s originally from Australia but has spent the majority of his life with a backpack, a sense o ...

Danielle (She/Her)

Marine Conservation Ambassador, GVI Tenerife

Danielle Lien is a GVI ambassador who spent her 20’s working in the music industry in Los Angeles and now lives near Munich, Germany. After not f ...