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Wildlife Conservation Volunteering

Volunteers, skilled or with no experience, can join our wildlife conservation volunteering projects based in exciting and exotic locations all over the world from one week and up! Become a wildlife Volunteer abroad on a wide variety of conservation volunteer projects such as:

Our wildlife conservation programs will be a dream come true for any bush lover – join us as we take you on an outdoors adventure like no other. There is important environmental conservation needed to be done and we need your assistance, regardless of your age or previous experience; we have had career breakers, students, and even teens book on to our environmental conservation programs. Speaking of which, students can enquire about receiving academic credit for this program. While you make a contribution towards conservation, you also gain new skills and a once in a lifetime conservation experience. Alternatively, if you have set your heart on pursuing a career in conservation, why not join one of our wildlife conservation internships? We also run awesome marine conservation volunteering projects that you might be interested in too. You can also volunteer with children, or join one of our teaching, animal care, public health, construction or sports programs. If you are studying, speak to our Country Experts about receiving academic credit. We also offer hands-on marine conservation internships that can boost your future career.

Our Impact

GVI’s volunteers play a vital part in the success and long-term sustainability of our wildlife conservation programmes. Without volunteer support, our partners would not have the manpower to conduct their research, protect endangered species, map habitats and educate local communities on how to look after their unique environments. All data collected by our volunteers is used by our partners and local governments to help improve environmental policies and ensure the continued survival of the unique biodiversity found in each country.

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