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Impact report

GVI’s impact reports highlight the work done across a global network of locally-led social development initiatives and conservation projects.


Dawasamu | Fiji

In Fiji, our team is committed to researching the impact of climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution on coastal habitats, coral reefs and marine species.


Chiang Mai | Thailand

In the lush mountain forests of Northern Thailand, our wildlife conservation programs focus on promoting ethical elephant tourism and sustainable ecotourism.


Tenerife | Canary Islands, Spain

On the largest island of the Canary Islands archipelago, our marine conservation programs focus on whale and dolphin conservation, and marine biology research.


Kekoldi | Costa Rica

In Costa Rica’s Indigenous Reserve, our efforts include biodiversity surveys, monitoring wildlife, and exploring the mountains to study bird species.


Puerto Morelos | Mexico

Our research station on the Mexican coast is the ideal location for scuba-diving and contributing to marine conservation programs.


Mahe | Seychelles

Experience the beauty of Mahe, the largest island in Seychelles. Join us in preserving the underwater ecosystem through diving programs suitable for all skill levels.


Nosy Be | Madagascar

At our Madagascar research station on the island of Nosy Be, you can contribute to the conservation of rare and endemic species, including lemurs.


Limpopo | South Africa

Learn more about our research station in South Africa’s Greater Kruger area, where our research team contributes to wildlife conservation efforts.

Tambopata | Peru

Contribute to rainforest conservation in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve. Experience diverse wildlife in the heart of the Amazon, and support independent research with data collection.