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Volunteer opportunities for high school students

Article by GVI


Posted: December 13, 2022

Volunteering is a great way for high school students to gain valuable experience and make a positive impact. Not only can volunteering provide a sense of fulfilment and purpose, but it also looks great on college applications and job applications.

Travel to exciting destinations

One of the great benefits of volunteering is the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. If you’re a high school student looking to get involved in volunteering,GVI offers a variety of high school programs for students looking to gain valuable experience and make a positive impact on the world. 

Situated in a variety of locations around the world, these programs are designed to provide a challenging and rewarding experience, and are an excellent opportunity for high school students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of fields.

Volunteering is an opportunity to travel to exciting destinations around the world, while also making a positive impact on the global community. GVI works on sustainable long-term projects in a variety of locations, including Costa Rica, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa and Mexico. Each location offers unique opportunities to make a difference, and GVI provides support and guidance to ensure that volunteers have a safe and successful experience.

Gain valuable life skills

In addition to the benefits of volunteering and travelling, GVI also offers its volunteers the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills. Through conservation and community development projects, volunteers can learn valuable skills and gain real-world experience that can help them to stand out on college applications and in their future careers.

GVI’s high school volunteer programs also include educational components, such as workshops and lectures, that help students gain a deeper understanding of the work they’re doing and the community they’re volunteering in. These educational components are an excellent way for students to learn more about the world and gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Contribute to conservation and community efforts around the world

GVI’s conservation projects focus on protecting and preserving the natural environment, while also working to support the local communities that depend on these ecosystems. 

Conservation projects include working on marine conservation programs, such as protecting sea turtles and coral reefs, and supporting wildlife conservation efforts, such as protecting elephants and rhinos. 


In Costa Rica, for example, volunteers can work on conservation projects focused on protecting endangered species, such as sea turtles and jaguars. In Thailand, volunteers can work on community development projects, such as assisting with teaching English and supporting local schools. And in South Africa, volunteers can work on conservation projects focused on protecting wildlife, such as elephants and rhinos.

GVI’s community development projects focus on supporting local communities. These projects often involve working with schools and community organisations, and may include activities such as teaching English, providing health and hygiene education, and supporting local entrepreneurs.

Volunteer opportunities within your community

There are also many opportunities to volunteer in your own community. Local charities and non-profit organisations often have specific needs, such as helping at a food bank or assisting with a community cleanup. By volunteering with a local organisation, you’ll have the chance to make a positive impact on your own community, while also gaining valuable experience.

For example, if you’re passionate about animals, you could volunteer at your local animal shelter. Animal shelters often need volunteers to help care for the animals, such as cleaning cages and helping with exercise and socialisation. This is a great way to gain experience working with animals and make a difference in your community.

Another option is to volunteer with a local community organisation, such as a community centre or youth organisation. These organisations often need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, such as organising events, tutoring or mentoring. Volunteering with a local community organisation can be a great way to gain valuable experience and make a positive impact on your community.

No matter which volunteer opportunity you choose, you’ll be making a difference and gaining valuable experience. Volunteering can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, all while doing something good.

GVI’s high school programs are open to students from all over the world, and provide a unique opportunity to gain experience and make a positive impact. 

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