The One TED Talk that Everyone in Education Needs to Watch Right Now

    Posted: May 25, 2016

    Recently I watched an incredible TED talk by Ken Robinson. His ‘idea worth spreading’ being that schools might be killing student’s creativity. He highlighted areas of neglect that he felt were prevalent in most educational institutions. His talk raised concern for the current state of education systems worldwide, he started a dialogue that deserves to be continued. A conversation that, even though it was started back in 2007, I have decided to continue today.

    To Ken Robinson:

    Let’s talk about education. Let’s talk about the fact that worldwide we have a general approach to education that is lacking in creativity. Let’s talk about the fact that curriculums and lesson plans cannot possibly reach all students. Let’s talk about the fact that we must redefine education, taking a more holistic approach in order to nurture the talents of all students.

    Let’s talk about why I am so passionate about service learning.

    Service learning takes education and pushes it beyond spelling tests and algebra equations. It creates a mind body connection so often lacking within a typical classroom. We are half thought and half movement, both essential elements to our composition, we cannot educate one without the other.

    Service learning moves beyond the four core subjects (Math, English, History, and Science) and reengages with the complexity of humanity. It teaches teamwork and expression. It teaches the importance of asking critical questions and being bold in decision making and direction. It teaches connection and facilitates cross cultural interactions that will carry individuals farther in life than the Pythagorean theorem ever will.

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    Service learning gives students new platforms for exploration, for growth, for personal understanding. It teaches the necessity of individuality, the power of our unique voices, the depth that exists within all of us. Service learning gives students a space, through reflection, to vocalize their own perspective, their own stories. Service learning allows for educational autonomy, a place for students to own their experiences, shape them, and foster their curiosity.

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    Service learning is an answer to the lack of creativity within education. Ken, service learning is the educational revolution that you were asking for. Service learning is the medium through which we give everyone the confidence to stand up and say that they are brilliant.

    Service learning is how we educate the whole being.

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    For more reasons to be passionate about Service Learning read the perspective of GVI’s Sustainable Development Facilitator, Daniel Ponce-Taylor. 

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