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Planning on taking a gap year? Great! GVI runs a number of amazing programs that can be all you want from a year abroad, or make up part of a wider world-discovery experience!

If you have already decided you want to volunteer on your gap year, then you’ve come to the right place! GVI run volunteer abroad programs in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Australasia. With project focuses ranging in marine conservation, wildlife conservation, volunteering with children, animal care, health care and teaching, there is something for everyone.

Join a GVI volunteer project or expedition on your gap year and you will discover some of the most dramatic and unspoiled locations in the world, while you live and work alongside an international group of volunteers, making a difference on a broad range of critical conservation and community development initiatives. For those that don’t have time to take a gap year, consider our 2 week spring break programs to make a real difference in the world.



You can join a GVI gap year program from a duration as short as 2 weeks, all the way up to 6 months! Whether you fancy slotting in a couple of weeks making a difference on a gap year volunteer project, or learning a range of soft and practical skills on a long-term internship abroad, we have opportunities ideal for your year out!  How about getting stuck into marine conservation and research in the remote Seychelles islands, helping to rehabilitate elephants into the wild in Thailand, or teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Laos? We even offer multi-country combo programs for those who really want to explore as many countries as possible. Take a look at our fundraising advice and ideas.

Check out the below programs that we recommend for your gap year!

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