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Volunteer In Zambia

In the heartland of Southern Africa, the mighty Zambezi river, nearly two thousand metres across, crashes down a hundred metre rift along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, forming the magnificent Victoria Falls. Hurling hundreds of litres of water over the edge every minute, Mosi-oa-Tunya, ‘the Smoke that Thunders’, showers the canyon below in heavy canopies of mist. The droplets, catching and refracting the shards of sunlight streaming down from the clear blue African sky, floods the canyon below with vibrant colour, earning the falls their alternate title, ‘the Place of the Rainbow’.

Only 20 minutes away from the falls, in the town of Livingstone, named for the first European to set eyes on the falls, volunteer projects in Zambia allow international visitors to contribute toward greater academic and professional opportunities, gender equality, as well as health and wellbeing in the local community. Volunteers in Zambia working in Livingstone can choose to participate in volunteer projects like teaching English to primary school children, supporting girls to pursue their professional goals, or assisting local community public health workers with increasing awareness of preventative public health practices.

Zambia Volunteer Programs

Volunteer opportunities in Livingstone, Zambia, don’t only offer international volunteers the opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of the local community, but the town is also the perfect homebase from which to experience the spectacular views and exhilarating adventure activities for which Victoria Falls is well known. Volunteers can bungee jump off the edge of Batoka Gorge, white water raft down the Zambezi’s Grade 5 rapids, or book a helicopter trip to get a bird’s eye view of the falls.

There are also options for volunteers looking for activities with a more relaxed pace, like taking a stroll across the massive bridge crossing the canyon separating Zambia from Zimbabwe or sailing down the Zambezi on a river boat, spotting hippos, sacred ibises, and sometimes even elephants in the surrounding waters. Many volunteers also choose to travel further afield to book a safari tour through one or more of Zambia’s many protected nature and wildlife reserves.

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